Stoplight BLT

Happy World Vegetarian Day! October 1st every year is considered to be World Vegetarian Day whether you enjoy and all vegetarian/vegan diet, participate in Meatless Monday or eat an all meat diet, today is a good day to eat vegetarian.

I'm never one to push my vegetarianism on anyone else, but I think it's nice to switch up your cuisine every once in a while. As person who has been vegetarian for eight years I think this sandwich is a great way to showcase fresh ingredients. If you don't like to use store bought vegan bacon try using a Shiitake Bacon Recipe as an alternative. 

-Italian bread, toasted
-1 red tomato, green tomato and yellow tomato, sliced
-2 tbs of mayonnaise
-A pinch of dill and basil
-Mixed greens
-3-4 slices of vegan bacon, cooked

To make the herb mayo, mix together the mayonnaise with the fresh herbs.

To build your sandwich, layer the vegan bacon onto the bread, then the mixed greens. Top the greens with the tomato slices. Spread the herb mayo on the other slice of bread top. 

I loved everything about this BLT. The fresh ingredients were beautiful and incredibly tasty. The herb mayo helped to being another layer of flavor to the sandwich and the vegan bacon added a nice crunch. Try this out before fall is officially here. Happy World Vegetarian Day.


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