Spinach Quesadillas with Blueberry Kumquat Salsa

Kumquats are an ingredient that I haven't previously worked with, so when I saw them at the grocery store I decided to just purchase them and figure out a recipe later. This was the first recipe that I was able to make using them, sadly, they spoiled the next day and my grocer hasn't had them in stock since then. If you don't have kumquats, clementine would make a nice citrus salsa for this recipe. 

-6 oz. baby spinach
-pinch of kosher salt
-4 large flour tortillas
-8 oz. pepper jack cheese, grated

-1/2 cup blueberries
-2-3 ounces kumquats, thinly sliced
-Pinch of sugar
-Pinch of salt
-Lemon juice

To make the salsa add the blueberries to a small dish, press lightly to help release some of the juices. add the remaining ingredients and let sit until ready to serve.

To make the quesadillas heat the one tortilla in a small skillet, top the tortilla with cheese and spinach. Add another tortilla and flip once the cheese is slightly melted. Serve once golden brown on each side.

The spinach quesadillas themselves were pretty easy to make and rather plain for dinner. However, the blueberry kumquat salsa really helped to make this more special (even though it didn't take long to make either). The kumquats are deliciously tart, as are the blueberries, however, the blueberries have a little more sweetness which helped to balance out the flavors. Paired with the spicy quesadillas, the sweet and tart salsa helped to bring more depth to the dish. Overall, I was very happy with this and I hope to make more kumquat recipes in the future. 


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