Chili Mac & Cheese

My mom found some frozen vegetarian chili at the grocery store, so I decided to try this recipe out on J. He enjoys traditional chili and he loves mac and cheese so I was hoping that the combination of the two would be a hit.

Pardon my pasta! I didn't have macaroni noodles, but I had gemelli pasta which happens to be my favorite shape of pasta.

-Mac & Cheese

You can use whatever kind of macaroni and cheese that you would like to use, my standby recipe is this Easy Macaroni and Cheese recipe from Weight Watchers. The macaroni and cheese recipe that I use is a recipe where you probably have all of the ingredients, but if you're looking for a quick weeknight dinner, then  you can use prepackaged macaroni and cheese from your favorite brand.

Since I made the Easy Macaroni and Cheese I included a few steps from that recipe.

 Mix the flour mixture into the drained pasta.
Mix in the cheese until incorporated, add as much hot sauce as you want to use.
Stir in your heated up pasta. 

I thought this recipe was really good, I've never had traditional chili before so I wasn't missing out on anything by having vegetarian chili. J. liked the recipe, but he was a little disappointed that there wasn't meat in it. He did like that it was a twist on a traditional dish that we have often. Overall I think this is a simple and easy weeknight dinner, we both had seconds and J. even took some to work the next day for lunch.


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