Risotto Cheese Balls

These risotto balls were one of the best recipes I have made yet. They were crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside. It uses leftover risotto, so next time you have a great risotto recipe but just make too much, you can easily do this recipe the next day. There aren't many ingredients after you already have the risotto made, and it is easy to adjust the recipe based on how much risotto you have. The recipe comes from this blog.

-leftover risotto (use any recipe you want)
-any kind of soft cheese (I used brie)
-bread crumbs
-vegetable oil

Take a large spoonful of risotto and place it on a piece of
saran wrap.  Squeeze it together into a ball.
Use the end of a knife to make a space in the risotto. Add the brie.
Form the risotto back into a tight ball.
This was the hardest part. I really had trouble getting the risotto
to form into a ball and to stay intact when I rolled it in the breadcrumbs.
Cover in breadcrumbs. Not too many stuck, but there
were enough to get the risotto crispy.
Heat about an inch of oil in a frying pan on medium heat.
I originally used tongs, but I found it was easier with a slotted spatula.
Cook until browned, then roll them over to cook the other side.
Drizzle some honey over the warm risotto.
The honey was really good on these, they gave is a good sweet
flavor. However, I thought they were even better without it.

The fried breadcrumbs on the outside of this tasted great. I really really liked these. They were a little hard to make, they did fall apart a bit, but it was definitely worth it.


  1. can't wait for my daughter to make these

  2. I think you'll like them, they were one of the better things I've made so far. Thanks for commenting!


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