Crackle Eggs

This is the third in a series of Easter blogs. Our earlier blogs are Peep S'mores and Egg Nest Cupcakes. This is something I've seen a lot on Pinterest lately, and they looked really good so we wanted to try them. Ours did not really turn out as well as the pictures on Pinterest look at all. They weren't really messed up, you could still eat them like regular hard boiled eggs, but they just didn't come out with much color. A few were ok, and the inside of the shell had a really cool effect, but it just didn't really come through on the egg.

-hard boiled eggs

In each cup
-10 drops food coloring
-1 cup water
-1 Tbsp vinegar

Fill the cups with water and vinegar.
Add the food coloring.
I bought neon food color to use for this.
Crack the egg by rolling it on the table.
We found that the more cracked and the deeper the cracks,
the better the color got through.
Add the egg to the color.
Leave the eggs for about 10 minutes.
Just like regular Easter egg dying, the longer you leave them
the darker the color gets.
The inside of the eggshells looked pretty good, this is
what I had hoped the eggs would look like.

Multicolored egg shells.

In some of the pictures on Pinterest, it looks like only vinegar and food coloring is used. That might turn out better to get some of the color to go through the shell to the egg. The pictures of the shell turned out pretty good though, and the color on the eggs did not affect the taste.


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