Birthday Cocktail

Happy Birthday to Alecia!


In honor of her birthday we whipped up this delicious Birthday Cocktail. You can find the original blog at Sips, Etc. She's going to be really busy the next few days celebrating with her family and J. but there will be a new restaurant review on her Sunday blog.  

This is another blog with great photos from Kayla.

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-2 shots pineapple juice
-2 shots cranberry juice
-1 shot vanilla rum
-Vanilla frosting

Rim the glass with frosting.
Pour sprinkles on a plate.
Dip the rim in the sprinkles.
The sprinkles really give it a good touch.
Add the juices, vodka, and ice to a shaker.
Pour in the glasses.
Drop a spoonful of
frosting in the glass.
Quickly add a candle. It should
be able to stand up in the frosting.

This was one of the best cocktails we have made so far. It was really fun to have a candle and frosting in a glass. It also tasted the best, I think because it was more juice than it was alcohol.


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