Strawberry & Chocolate Phyllo Cups

We've made a few things in phyllo cups before, like Baked Brie Bites and Roasted Grape and Blue Cheese Bites. These both turned out really well, so I wanted to make something else using the phyllo cups. I used some of the other ingredient I had in my kitchen to try to put some things together. Strawberries and chocolate are always a good combo, and whipped cream goes well with both. These turned out much better than I could have expected, and anything in a little cup makes a perfect party dessert.

-15 phyllo cups
-5 strawberries
-about 3 chocolate bar squares
-3 Tbsp whipped cream
-3 Tbsp marshmallow fluff
-1 Tbsp cream cheese

Mix together the whipped cream, marshmallow, and cream
cheese. It helps if the cream cheese is softened a bit
so you can incorporate it.
Cut up a few strawberries.
Make some chocolate shavings with a peeler. I just
used a Hershey's bar.
I really like doing chocolate shavings. They are so much easier
than they look, they come off the chocolate bar right into
the little curls using a potato peeler.
The shavings really make anything look fancy.
Assemble the cups.
Scoop a spoonful of cream filling.
Top with a few slices of strawberries.
Top with chocolate shavings.

These were pretty simple, but they look like a fancy dessert that took a lot of effort to make. I especially recommend trying chocolate shavings on the next dessert you make.


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