Carrot Ginger Dressing

This was meant to be similar to the dressing at hibachi restaurants, which I really like. This didn't turn out quite the same, it didn't get to be smooth like that dressing. It got mixed reviews, but I still thought it was pretty good, and for making a homemade dressing, it was pretty easy.

This recipe is from

-about 1 cup carrots, I used baby carrots
-1/2 medium shallot
-1 tablespoon ginger
-2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
-2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
-2 teaspoons soy sauce
-1 teaspoon sugar
-1 tablespoon extra light olive oil
-salad mix

Add all the ingredients to the food processor, and mix until smooth.

I think it would have helped if this had gotten a little smoother and had more of a consistency of dressing, rather than a topping. The flavor wasn't quite the same as the hibachi dressing I intended. I'm not the biggest fan of carrots, but I still liked this dressing.


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