Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea

First day of spring? Sometimes in these bleak Ohio winters, that never seem to transition into spring, you need to have a nice, light drink that is reminiscent of summer. If you'd like these to be stronger you can mix them traditionally using half a shot of each liquor (vodka, tequila, gin, rum and triple sec), we used a pre-mixed bottle of Long Island.

This idea comes from A Taste of Meghan's Kitchen.

-2.50 ounces Long Island Iced Tea Mix
-1.50 ounce Sweet & Sour Mix
-Splash of Daily’s Strawberry Margarita/Daiquiri Mix
-Lime slices for garnish

Mix all ingredients in a large glass.
Add ice, garnish with lime wedges. 

This drink was really good, but they will catch up with you! With the pre-mixed Long Island Ice Tea, I couldn't taste the alcohol in this, mainly sour mix and strawberry flavor. Make sure not to add too much strawberry mixer because paired with the sour mix h that will make the drink cloudy. Enjoy! Spring/summer is almost here.


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