Smore’s Fondue

Fondue is one of my favorite desserts, so is smore's, and marshmallow and graham crackers go really well with the chocolate. Strawberries are great to dip in it, and they gave a really nice color to the plate.

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-chocolate chips
-marshmallow fluff
-crushed graham crackers, plus some for dipping
-pound cake

Melt the chocolate chips in a small crock pot. When it is melted, add some cream a little bit at a time until it looks liquid enough to dip in. Add some marshmallow and stir in, and top with graham crackers.

This was really good, and it was easy to make. I liked that we didn't need to use a fondue maker, we could just use a small crockpot, and we used fancy toothpicks to dip rather than fondue forks.


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