Pear Appetizer

This recipe was a perfect light appetizer. The cheese and fruit paired together well, and this was such an easy appetizer to make, it took less than ten minutes. It was also great because it is easy to adapt to any kind of nuts or crumbled cheese you have on hand. I used blue cheese, but you could use something else like goat cheese or feta. This recipe is based off of one from from Eat Drink Smile.

-Blue Cheese

Cut the pear into slices, about half and inch thick.
Cut out the seeds from the center.
Arrange the pears on a plate.
Sprinkle with pepper and some blue cheese.
Add pecans or any other nut you want
Drizzle with honey.
The blue cheese was a good match with the pear, and the honey was a good addition. It had both a sweet taste from the honey and pear and saltiness from the blue cheese.


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