Veggie & Cheese Bagel

We spent last weekend at Becky's lake house on a weekend bad culinary thing about this vacation house is that there is no stove top, which can make breakfast recipes a little difficult. This recipe is a great way to create a beautiful spread without doing a lot of cooking, which allowed us to have a morning run on the beach without worrying about putting together breakfast once we got back. This recipe comes from the Pioneer Woman.

-1/2 block of cream cheese
-2 whole (to 3) green onions
-Red onion
-1 whole everything bagel (or any kind of bagel)
-1 or 2 slices of muenster cheese
-Slice of cheddar cheese

This is a great brunch if you're having company, make a pretty spread and then toast some bagels.
Thinly slice all of the vegetables.
We used everything bagels, those are my favorites.

To make the cream cheese spread, mix chopped green onions into softened cream cheese.
Build your bagel. 

Cheese first. 

Red Onions. 
This sandwich will be really filling!

This was absolutely delicious! It was perfect because it didn't take much prep at all, and our toaster held multiple bagels. There were so many great colors and flavors here and it was super filling. The other great thing about this recipe is that you can leave off whatever vegetables that you don't like.


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