Stacked Pear Salad

Happy Salad Wednesday. I'm so glad that it is finally starting to seem like spring rather than winter, it's been almost 70 degrees the past three days! This Stacked Pear Salad is adapted from the Novice Chef and is a great way to enjoy a light lunch.

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Below are ingredients I like to put in my salad, but you can really use any greens, toppings, cheese and dressing that you like.


-4 smooth skinned pears
-2-3 cups spinach
-1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
-dried cranberries
-balsamic vinaigrette dressing
-honey for drizzling
-lemon juice

To prep pears: Slice into three or four pieces, core the pears to make rings.

To make the salad: Whisk together dressing and lightly coat the spinach.

Stack the greens and other ingredients on the bottom pear slice,
add other slices with salad ingredients in between. 

Drizzle with honey if desired. 

Serve with a knife for easier eating.

I was really impressed with the presentation of this salad, I'm not as big on pears as I thought I was, I think next time I make this I'll try it with an apple instead. However, if you enjoy pears this is a good recipe to try and it is incredibly versatile (use any ingredients you like). Although there is a fancy presentation, this really was not difficult to make.


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