Peeps Popcorn

I love Peeps, and after Easter I always have ton, usually more than I can eat. If you are like me, this is a great way to use some of those extra peeps in a different snack. Popcorn is really not something I would ever think of to go with peeps, but it really ended up being a good combination. This really took less than 10 minutes to make, and the bright pink color was really fun on the popcorn. I found the original recipe from Simply Klassic.

If you are strictly vegetarian and don't eat marshmallows, here are some ideas for substitutes:
You can buy vegan marshmallows, or
you can make your own.

-2 Tbsp butter
-5 peeps
-1 bag popcorn.

Melt the butter.
Add the peeps to the melted butter. Make sure you keep the
heat low and watch them, if you have ever burnt sugar
you know how hard it is to clean out of a pot.
It was kind of sad to watch the peeps melt like this.
They will melt down. It was a little thick still, but easy enough to
pour onto popcorn.

I couldn't really coat all the popcorn in marshmallow, but I was able to cover the top. This tasted really familiar to me, but I can't quite figure out where I have had something like this before. It was good though, it made a different, colorful snack out of regular microwave bag popcorn.


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