Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Becky, J. and I ran a 5k this morning called Color Vibe. I'm sure you've seen a 5k like it, there are a lot of similar 5k's popping up all over the place. There were so many people there, but we survived.

These rainbow fruit kabobs are inspired by the colorful rainbows we became this morning. The original recipe comes from Quick Dish.

Here's some pictures from this morning:

My brother, J., me and Becky.

My brother, J and Becky.
Me and Becky.

-Red fruit: raspberries or strawberries
-Orange fruit: oranges
-Yellow fruit: pineapple or bananas
-Green fruit: kiwis or green grapes
-Blue fruit: blueberries
-Purple fruit: purple grapes or blackberries
-6 inch bamboo skewers

Slice all of the fruit and string it together ROY G BIV style.

So yummy.

It doesn't get any easier than this, buying all of the fruit was a little expensive, but this is the perfect healthy snack or appetizer.


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