Mimosas made with Cara Cara Oranges

I love mimosas, they're the perfect drink when you want a beverage that's light. This recipe from What's Gabby Cooking? is perfect for your next brunch or bridal shower. This recipe called for using blood oranges, but we had some issues finding blood oranges (which has been all figured out for next time, they're at my grocery store and not at Becky's) so we used Cara Cara oranges instead, which also have pink flesh, like a grapefruit.

-1 bottle pink chamagne
-3 Cara Cara oranges

Juice your oranges, there should be several tablespoons worth of  juice. 

Top with champagne. 
Garnish with slices of Cara Cara oranges.

I really wish that we had been able to find blood oranges, but the pink flesh of the Cara Cara oranges was really pretty with the pink champagne. It was a nice twist on a traditional mimosa.


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