Bonfire Eclairs

Summer is almost here! But not quite, J. and I took a mini-vacation a week ago and stayed at Becky's lake house for a weekend. It's always so nice to get away! We made a bonfire on the beach to enjoy these beauties. You'll need an unpainted wooden broom handle to make these beauties, we made them using dowel rods. I would highly recommend a broom handle though or a dowel rod of similar thickness, ours were too thin and made our eclairs cook unevenly.

You can find the original at Elizabeth Anne Designs.

-Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
-Whipped Cream
-Chocolate Sauce

J. was our Lord of the Flame.
Undue your crescent rolls. 

Rub your dowel rod or broom stick generously with butter.
If you're on the beach, make it butter that you don't want to keep because it will get sandy.
Wrap two crescent  rolls around the end.

Roast slowly by the fire.

Let cool. 
Carefully remove from the stick. 

Fill with whipped cream. 
Drizzle with chocolate and enjoy
There were some issues with the first one that got made, some parts were burnt and some were raw, we changed strategies for the second one.

Same steps, but we wrapped the dough in foil and stuck it in the embers.

This one cooked from about 5-8 minutes.
The foil stuck a little! 
Add toppings and serve.
The one that we covered was a lot more cooked (aside from the burnt end) so it was good. The flavor was good, we just failed in execution of the recipe.

I feel confident endorsing this recipe because J. told me that if we had used a broom handle it would have allowed the dough to be spread more thinly, which would have allowed it to cook inside and out. With the small dowel rods the dough overlapped in a lot of places and they were too thick to cook through.

I will be trying this recipe again this summer! With three ingredients I think this is a really great summer bonfire recipe.


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