Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini

This cocktail recipe comes from The Sweetest Temptations.

For an extra dose of chocolate-cherry goodness enjoy with Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cupcakes.

-1 1/2 oz Cherry Vodka
-1 1/2 oz Chocolate Vodka
-1 ounce Creme de Cacao
-1 1/2 oz Half & Half
-Chocolate Syrup
Assemble the ingredients. 
Drizzle as many cocktail glass as needed with chocolate.
Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice, pour into prepared glasses.
Garnish with a cherry.
This will make one cocktail. 

Like any martini, this drink is strong. The flavors went perfectly together, this martini is a perfect after dinner drink and the ingredients are ingredients that you probably have on hand if you have a decently stocked bar at home, I think we only needed to buy a few ingredients for this recipe.


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