Amaretto Tiramisu

A few months ago J. and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate our two and a half year anniversary. The deal that Olive Garden had going on then was the 2 for 25 which meant that we could each get an entree with either an appetizer or dessert. For my entree I ordered the Five Cheese Ziti, because it's my favorite (here's my copy recipe). Instead of splitting an appetizer or dessert we decided to order two dolcinis (according to Olive Garden these mean "little dessert treats") J. played it safe and chose the chocolate mousse while I went for the amaretto tiramisu -- it was absolutely decadent.

This recipe isn't a copy recipe per say, because we had that dessert a few months ago and don't believe I can say it's exactly the same, but I think they are really close.

This recipe comes from UK TV. I adapted the ingredient measurements from grams to cups...the measurements are approximations.

-1 cup strong coffee, cooled
-4 tbsp amaretto or brandy
-2 packages of shortbread biscuits, you could also use biscotti
-1 egg, separated
-1/4 cup sugar
-1 container of mascarpone
-1 tbsp cocoa powder

Mix the egg yolk, sugar and mascarpone until light and fluffy. Using a mixer, whisk the egg white until it forms soft peaks and then carefully fold into the mascarpone mixture.

Mix together the coffee and amaretto.
Soak the cookies in the coffee/amaretto mixture.

Place a layer of cookies at the bottom of the desired class.
Add half of the marscapone mixture into each glass.
Top with cocoa powder.
Top with the rest of the coffee soaked cookies.
Looking good.
Top each glass with the rest of the marscapone mixture. 
Sprinkle a little cocoa powder on top.

Overall this was a hit. The coffee and amaretto flavors aren't overwhelming and the mascarpone mixture was light and airy. This is a nice dessert to serve when company comes over because it looks nice and isn't too difficult to put together. If you don't want to serve the dessert with amaretto you could easily substitute a  
different liqueur or leave it out all together. I think the amaretto adds a nice subtle sweetness to the dessert. As a whole this dessert isn't overly sweet.


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