Watermelon Basket

I've seen carved watermelon a few times on Pinterest, and I've seen them do carving competitions on the food network, but I really thought it was something too difficult for me to actually do. This basket though looked on the easier side, so I tried it. It really turned out much better than I had expected, and wasn't as much work as I thought it would be.

I saw this in a few places, but the best instructions I found and used as a guide was from kcparent.

There aren't really ingredients for this one, just use a large ripe watermelon and whatever other fruit you want to make your fruit salad.

First cut off the bottom of watermelon so
there is a flat surface so the watermelon
will be able to sit without rolling.
This was actually the hardest part for me, I was a little worried when I started, but it got much easier. It was a little awkward to cut sideways through the rind, but you just need enough so it will stand up.

Score the watermelon around the middle.
Also score it through the top, around the place the handle will be.
Make deeper cuts through, and take out a
quarter of the watermelon at once.
Once I got through the rind, it was pretty easy to cut.
Do the same thing on the other side so you have a handle.
Use a melon baller or some scooper to get out the watermelon.
I had drain out some of the liquid a few times.
I went back through with a knife to round out the top of the handle.
I just used a knife to cut out triangles to make the jagged pattern.
Cutting the triangles was much easier than cutting the rind at the beginning.
Cut up whatever other fruit you like to make fruit salad.

This one really was worth the work. It looked pretty impressive, and wasn't as difficult as I thought. I really doubted my ability to carve a watermelon, but it was easier than I thought.


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