Grilled Nacho Pizza

This combination of jalapenos and cheese tasted just like eating nachos at a baseball game. Originally, this started out as us trying to make a breakfast pizza, but the jalapeno and cheddar combination, along with the crispy bread was good without any breakfast type ingredients. 

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Ingredients:-Pre-made pizza crust
-1 cup bechamel sauce (we made it in a previous recipe here)
-1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
-1 jalapeno, sliced
-Other desired toppings

Rub the grill grates with a little bit of olive oil to prevent the crust from sticking.
Cook one side on the grill until it is a little brown, about 5 minutes.
Flip it over, and spread the bechamel sauce over.
Sprinkle with cheese.
Add jalapenos.
Cook until the cheese melt and the bread is crispy, about 5-6 minutes.

The jalapenos made this pretty spicy, the flavor was great. This was pretty easy to make, other than making the bechmel, there wasn't much prep or cleanup, which is great for a good snack on the grill.


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