Stoplight Margaritas

(7/6/2014) Update: Hello if you're visiting from BuzzFeed, find out more about my blog here. Enjoy the recipe!

I found this idea on Pinterest, and according to the Disney Food Blog where I saw this, the Stoplight Margarita is actually from Disney World. The original is made with strawberry, mango and melon. We made ours with lime instead of melon. I've never been to Disney so I'm not sure how our version stacks up to the original, but margaritas are always enjoyable as far as I'm concerned.  The trick to these is to make sure that they're really slushy so that the different flavors layer and don't mix.

-Strawberry or Wildberry Margarita Mix
-Mango Margarita Mix
-Lime Margarita Mix
-Lots of Ice
-Sugar for the rim if desired

Mix each layer one by one, rinsing out the blender between colors: Lime first, then mango, then strawberry or wildberry. You want to use a lot of ice, the ice drink should be slushy so that the layers stack rather than mix. The first time we made this recipe the margaritas weren't mixed with enough ice and the layers blended together, the second time it turned out great.

The good thing about this margarita is that you can make it as strong or as weak as you would like to. Some of our margarita mixes came with tequila already mixed in, others like the lime flavor needed tequila added. The drink we made wasn't too strong, the flavors went really well together. This is something that I would make again for a party, because of the nice presentation.


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