Endive Taco Salad

With this salad I really wanted to make something simple using ingredients that I had on hand. I made this in the middle of a heat wave so my goal was to not use the oven or stovetop because it was already too hot in the house! 


-Endive leaves
-Cheddar cheese
-Cherry tomatoes
-Tortilla chips
-Other desired toppings
-Ranch dressing

Fill a bowl with the endive leaves and the toppings.
Crumble the tortilla chips over the salad.
Lastly, mix together equal parts of ranch and salsa to pour over the top.

J. and I were not fans of the endive at all, it had an aftertaste with an interesting bite, it's not something I will be using again. This could easily be done with lettuce or any other green. The best part of this was the salsa ranch, it's a nice way to top of a taco salad, a lot of recipes call for a cilantro based recipe, but I'm not a fan of cilantro and this dressing was a really nice alternative.


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