Campfire Orange Cakes

I have to start off saying this was not one of our more successful recipes. It looked like a really cute and fun idea, but ours didn't work quite as well as expected. The top of the cake inside the orange was cooked, but inside was pretty runny still. The flavor was good, you really could taste a good amount of orange through the cake. I think this may have worked if we cooked it for a little longer, but we did it for 20 minutes like the recipe said, and there was really no way to tell if the inside was cooked without unwrapping it and eating the top first.

I've seen this recipe a few times on pinterest, and I used the instructions here from ljc.

-Chocolate cake mix (plus eggs and oil)

Cut off the top of the oranges and hollow out the inside.
Make the cake mix according to package directions and
fill in the oranges.
Wrap in foil and put on the sides of the campfire.
Cook for 20 minutes.
Unwrap, take the top of the orange off and eat with a fork.
I'll probably be trying some more campfire recipes, I really like that concept, but probably one that doesn't need anything to cook.


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