Fourth of July Firecracker Cookies

This was kind of a fun cookie, it was really unusual, I've never heard to have pop rocks in any kind of recipe. The red and blue were really cute for 4th of July. After I made them, they were sitting on my counter popping for about 3 hours. So they turned out to be a pretty weird taste when I first ate them. After awhile it seemed like all the pop was out of the cookies.

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The idea for this recipe comes from Cake Spy.

-Sugar cookie mix (plus butter and eggs required by the mix)
-Frosting (I used 1 cup powdered sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 2 Tbsp. milk and added more until it was the right consistency)
-1 packet red pop rocks, 1 packet blue pop rocks

Make the sugar cookies according to package directions.
On the last few of them, I added a bit of the pop rocks
directly to the dough.

Mix up the frosting.
Red and blue pop rocks.
I tried to do some like the recipe I got the idea from,
I spread the frosting on the edge of the cookie, then rolled it
in the pop rocks.
This didn't work as well, the edges weren't smooth enough
to hold all the pop rocks.
Instead I sprinkled the pop rocks and some extra
sprinkles on top of the frosting and cookies.

Putting the pop rocks into the dough didn't really do anything, I couldn't taste them in the cookies. If you make these, be sure to add the pop rocks right before you plan on eating them so they don't lose their pop. The pop rocks were a little hard to spread out evenly on the cookies, but they looked ok after I spread them a bit.


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