Christmas in July Brownies

Merry Christmas in July! We saw this recipe a while ago, but didn't want to make it for Christmas because in December strawberries are hard to find, and if you do they are expensive and not very good. But I love eating strawberries in the summer and they are so good as a dessert, so Christmas in July seemed like a perfect time to make these. I thought it was really cute to have the strawberry as the tree, and I thought the red of the strawberry went well at the base of the green of the tree.

I originally saw this on Pinterest, but there was no link attached so I just made this from the idea in the picture.

-Brownie mix (plus eggs and oil)
-Green food coloring
-Candy for decoration

I just made brownies from a mix and let them cool.
Cut off the top of the strawberry so it will sit flat.
Set it on top of the brownie.
I mixed some vanilla frosting with a drop of
green food coloring. I spread it around the outside
of the strawberry, and used the knife to try to get
some small peaks to make it look like a tree.
I made some thin slices of strawberries to put at the base.
I tried to decorate the brownies
with some m&m's, but it didn't look as good as
I had hoped.

I tried some where I just put small slices of strawberries and
a glob of frosting on top, it was a little simpler, but it still looked cute.

I thought these turned out alright, not as good as I had pictured in my head, but I thought they were ok. I put the extra in the refrigerator, but the frosting slid off a bit after a while. The brownie and strawberry combination was a good taste though.


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