Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

For summer, this was a great combination of a dessert with a cute summer themed decoration. Sometimes the decoration I see for fancy cupcakes like this look really difficult, especially from Martha Stewart, but I really liked this one because the only decorations I needed were frosting and jelly beans. I got the yellow  and white jelly beans from a specialty candy store where you could pick out your own individual colors.

I also made these brownies with a grilling themed decoration last month, also simple and cute.

I got this recipe here from Martha Stewart.

-Vanilla Frosting
-Yellow Food Coloring
-Shades of Yellow and White Jelly Beans

Make cupcakes according to package directions. I made chocolate one, any kind will work, the frosting covered up the chocolate enough.

Mix a few drops of yellow food coloring with the white
frosting to turn it a pale yellow.
Add the different shades of jelly beans to the top of the cupcake
in a random order in rows.
I put mine in a corn on the cob dish with some corn holders to serve.

I thought these were cute for the summer. The only problem I had with mine was trying to transport them, they melted a bit, so make sure you have a good cupcake carrying container or serve them where you make them.


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