Watermelon and Tequila Guacamole

I first heard watermelon and guacamole together along with tequila, and I honestly thought that sounded like a pretty gross combination of three things I like. I like Rachel Ray though, and I thought this would be an interesting one to try out. It did turn out to be pretty tasty, I'm glad I tried it out.

If you don't want to be quite so adventurous, we also made a really good simple guacamole recipe you can check out here.

This recipe comes from Rachael Ray.

-1 cup seedless watermelon
-2 tablespoons tequila
-3 avocados
-Zest and juice of 1 lime
-1 jalapeƱo
-dash of ginger

The preparation is really simple, just cut up the watermelon into small chunks, cut the jalapenos into slices, and scoop out the avocado. Mix with all the other ingredients.

This were really good with multigrain chips, but you could serve it with anything you wanted. I really liked this twist on guacamole. The watermelon was juicy and sweet and went well with the saltiness of the chips. The tequila wasn't overpowering, but subtly there flavor-wise. 


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