Cheesy Corn Ramen

I've seen a few books and websites that make meals out of ramen. I like the concept, because it takes something that can be really boring and make it into an interesting meal. I think it is cool too because there are so many twists and options that you can do with it because the noodles are pretty versatile.

This recipe comes from the book 101 things to do with ramen noodles. My mom and I are hoping to do some more of these ramen recipes soon.

-1 packet of ramen, with any seasoning packet
-1 14 oz can creamed corn
-1/2 cups shredded cheese

Make the ramen noodle packet in boiling water. In another saucepan, heat the creamed corn and cheese together until the cheese melts, about the amount of time it takes for the ramen to cook. Pour the cheese corn sauce over the ramen.

I didn't use all of the sauce, it was a little too much for the amount of ramen I had, I used probably 1/2, so if you wanted to make 2 packets of ramen or cut down the amount of cheese and corn, I think that would work well.

This was really simple, there were not many ingredients, but it really made them taste good and different than the plain ramen. It was almost like mac and cheese, it was really creamy, and the corn gave it some extra texture and sweet flavor.


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