Breakfast Scramble


Over the weekend we had a few people at my house, so it is sometimes hard to make something easily in the morning that can be made for a large crowd. Our friend Rachael and her husband came up with this recipe and made it in the morning, and it was delicious! It can all be adjusted to what you have and what the group likes. We made one veggie scramble and one with meat for everyone else, the veggie one turned out to be delicious.

-peppers (we used multiple kinds for color)
-frozen potatoes
-steak seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic, paprika)

Cut up the pepper and onion and defrost the potatoes.
Scramble eggs and mix in the pepper, cheese, and onion.
Put the potatoes and the mixture in a skillet until the eggs are cooked.

This tasted great, it was all a good combination I would make again. It was fancy enough to be able to feed to company but quick enough to make in the morning.


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