White Wine Popsicles

These were fun, an adult version of a Popsicle. The fresh fruit pieces made them pretty unique too. 

I was excited to get to use my Popsicle mold again, this was my second one, the first we made was Cookie Dough Popsicles.

The original recipe comes from Boulder Locavore.

-about 2 cups watermelon juice (minute maid punch)
-3/4 cup of white wine (I used pinot grigio)
-1/2 nectarine
-handful of grapes, cut in half

This made 4 Popsicles.

Cut up the fruit pieces into small chunks.
Add a little bit of wine to each mold.
Fill the rest of the mold with the juice.
Leave in the freezer. I did about 6 hours and mine were frozen.

 I used watermelon juice because I had it and it was clear, so I think it made a nice effect with the fruit and the wine, but I think you could use any kind of fruit juice. I thought the taste of wine was a bit stronger than I expected, and it melted faster than a normal Popsicle would, but the frozen fruit was really good.


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