Heart Shaped Cake

This comes from BetterRecipes.com, when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I was a little skeptical. Sometimes things on Pinterest look like a really good idea, but turn out to be a horrible idea. J's birthday was last night and since we only get to see each other once a week (we live an hour apart) I baked this cake for him.

-1 box cake mix, any flavor (I used lemon)
-1 container frosting, any flavor (I used vanilla)
-Rainbow sprinkles

Mix the cake mix according the package directions, pour half of the mix into an eight inch round and the other half into an 8x8 pan.

 To measure your round cake pan, measure the inside across the diameter of the pan. Once the cake is out of the oven, allow to cool slightly and then transfer to cooling racks.

Once the cake is all the way cooled, cut the round cake in half and place the pieces together to make the heart shape. Frost.

To make the 23, I printed out the number in size 120 font and then used an exacto knife to form a stencil.

Place the stencil in the center of the frosted cake and gently press down, add the sprinkles, pressing them lightly into the cake to fill the stenciled numbers.
Lift the stencil.

Add sprinkles around the edges if desired. 

I loved how easy this was to do! I also love the endless possibilities, this is great for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. You can mix and match cake flavors and frosting colors. I honestly don't think that frosting the cake took any longer than frosting a two-tiered round cake.


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