Strawberry, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese

The filling for this grilled cheese reminds me of a crepe I had once at my favorite restaurant in Cleveland. And although it would have been delicious in a crepe, all of my attempts at crepes have failed (maybe that is a project for when I'm on summer break), so a sandwich was much easier for me to put together. This sandwich also takes a minimal amount of work to put together, I find crepes to be a little time consuming.

There are nine days left in Grilled Cheese Month 2014, after that I will start blogging a variety of recipes again, but of course salad Wednesday will still be intact.

In the "Follow Me" tab above, I've added links to my food-related Pinterest boards and to my new Instagram account. I have always found it interesting to see the social media accounts of bloggers that I follow regularly so I thought that my readers might be interested in those things too. My Instagram account can promise you some sneak peeks of recipes I'm working on, delicious dinners that I order while we're out and the occasional photo of Dave and me.

Check all of that out, look forward to the blogs of May, but feel sad that Grilled Cheese Month is coming to a close. Enjoy!

Recipe from How Sweet Eats.

-6 strawberries, sliced
-pinch of salt
-2 tablespoons butter
-4 thick-cut slices of wheat bread
-2-3 ounces of brie cheese, sliced
-Chocolate chips

Build the sandwich -- add all ingredients to the slices of wheat bread.
Spread butter on the outside of each slice.

In a skillet, toast until golden brown on each side, the brie and chocolate will both melt. 

Serve immediately. 
I really enjoyed this sandwich, it would have been really good with cinnamon bread rather than wheat bread. It was like a chocolate covered strawberry grilled cheese. Brie is a great cheese to use for dessert grilled cheeses because of how mild the cheese is and because it melts so well when heated. Brie cheese will always give you the gooey, cheese-oozing grilled cheese that you desire.


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