Breakfast Grilled Cheese

This is a non-traditional grilled cheese, it doesn't get cooked in a skillet on the stove-top, but rather it's a baked sandwich. I made this recipe to feed a crowd, but you could easily make it for just one person. It's also really easy to add some additional flavoring in the scrambled eggs. Sometimes I make this with roasted red peppers and green onions.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original. 

-4 English muffins
-4 eggs, scrambled
-Steak seasoning
-Cheddar cheese slices

To assemble the sandwiches, layer cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and steak seasoning on top of an English muffin half.
Top with additional sliced cheddar.

Bake for 5 minutes at 350.

I thought this turned out good, but I would have preferred to add some additional toppings into the scrambled eggs. I didn't get a chance to add them in because I was cooking for several other people who have a wide variety of preferences, I wanted keep it simple.


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