Pound Cake + Fig + Brie

Sometimes when it comes to grilled cheese, you need to shake things up a little. This grilled cheese combines sweet and savory ingredients to make what could be the perfect sandwich. Dave and I made a sandwich for each of us and once we realized how good this was, we were back in the kitchen whipping up a second batch.

Recipe from Grilled Cheese Social.

Ingredients: (to make 1 sandwich)
- 2 thin slices of pound cake
- a few slices of brie
- 1/2 tbs fig spread
- 1 small rosemary sprig - chopped
- 1 pat of butter

Assemble all of your ingredients. 

The fig jam and brie are what really makes this recipe.
To assemble the sandwich, layer the brie on a pound cake slice, spread fig jam on the other slice. 

Melt the butter in a skillet.
Add in the rosemary and stir a little until the rosemary is softened. 

You'll cook the sandwiches open faced for a bit, trust me.
3-4 minutes open faced, until the bottom is a little golden brown, then put the pieces together, the brie will melt.
Melting brie cheese in all of its perfect, cheesy glory.

Can you tell that I'm obsessed with this sandwich? 

The pound cake became crispy in the melted butter which the creaminess of the brie complemented. The rosemary added a subtle flavor. The pound cake was sweet, but not overpowering. The fig jam made this taste like a more delicious, homemade Fig Newton.


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