Poutine Grilled Cheese

Bonjour! Poutine is a fantastic French Canadian dish which is made of french fries, melted cheese curds and gravy. If you have never had this in its original state, you should go make it! I made Poutine with Guinness Gravy last March if you'd like a starting recipe. I was first exposed to this dish in French class in high school and I promise that it is everything that you want comfort food to be. Now you can enjoy it in grilled cheese form.

From BS in the Kitchen.

-2 slices of french bread
-6-8 baked french fries (I used frozen)
-Mushroom gravy (or whatever kind)
-½ cup cheese curds

Make your french fries, it doesn't matter if you heat up frozen ones or fry up your own, it's your preference.

Make your gravy, use homemade or a packet.

In a small skillet, heated on low, start to heat the cheese curds to soften them and to help them melt on your sandwich.

In a large skillet melt the butter.
Add in the bread slices.

Top with some of the partially melted cheese curds.

Add the cooked French fries. 

Drizzle each with some gravy. 

Top each sandwich and cook until golden brown on each side.
Serve with additional gravy.

The mushroom gravy was a nice touch, the cheese curds need to be heated a little before building the sandwich (do this in a skillet), they melted nicely once the sandwich was put together. This was a great replica of poutine on a sandwich. Very filling though with the bread and french fries together. Bon App├ętit.


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