Reuben Grilled Cheese

When I was a server at a restaurant (a very, very popular chain) I was constantly looking for new ways to enjoy my half price discount, especially during lengthy double shifts. For the first half of my employment there was a reuben style sandwich on the menu -- I used to ask the cooks to grill one up for me without the corned beef, layers of melted Swiss, sauerkraut and smothered in Russian dressing. This grilled cheese is inspired by that sandwich I used to inhale while standing in the back of a noisy kitchen on a crowded Friday night.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original. 

-Rye bread
-Swiss cheese
-Russian dressing
-Mushrooms, sliced and sauteed in butter

To build the sandwich, start with melted butter in a skillet top a piece of bread with Swiss.

Add an obscene amount of Russian dressing. 
As much sauerkraut as you find to be sane.

Top with the mushrooms.
Add  more Swiss cheese and the other slice of bread.
Cook until the bread is golden.

This grilled cheese is everything that you want it to be -- hot, cheesy, tangy and messy. You can't go wrong with these ingredients, this was just like the sandwich I used to enjoy in a cramped kitchen. If you've ever worked in a restaurant you probably understand that inhaling a sandwich in three minutes, while standing, while covered in ranch dressing and while all of your tables wonder where their drinks are, kind of prevents you from enjoying a sandwich

I ate this sandwich sitting down, in comfy clothing, not covered in ranch dressing (you would be surprised how often your waitress leaves covered in ranch dressing) and I felt no guilt. Grill one of these delicious messes and enjoy it ASAP. 


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