Goblet of Fire

This was so cool! I was really surprised this worked as well as it did. The flame looked awesome coming out of the glass, it really was a bright blue. Adding cinnamon made it spark, which was also very awesome, it did look like something that could have come from the Harry Potter movie. Thanks to Kayla for the awesome pictures on this one.

This idea is on Pinterest a lot, but I found instructions here.

-1 oz vodka
-1 oz blue curacao 
-3 oz lemonade
-Pinch of cinnamon

Check out the video we made of us lighting the goblet of fire.


Mix the curacao, vodka, and lemonade.
We did ours outside, I was nervous about doing
this one indoors.
Pour the 151 on top and quickly light.  We had to try
a few times, but if you hold the lighter on top of the drink
for a few seconds it eventually caught on fire.
A sprinkle of cinnamon made these
awesome sparks.

The flame lasted for a really long time! The original post said to be careful because the drink can still be on fire after the flame looks like it is out, so make sure to wait before you drink it.

Our first try of this was admittedly not good, we tried at least 5 or 6 times and it didn't light. The second try we used less lemonade and just used alcohol. That worked much better. We used a lot of cinnamon for the sparks, so we couldn't drink it afterwards, but it was so worth it.


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