Egg Breakfast Wrap

This is the start of sandwich Wednesday for the fall, which is replacing the summer grilling Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we'll have something different, a lot are planned that are really different than what you traditionally think of as a sandwich, some interesting ideas, a lot like this one, with something other than bread holding together the rest of the ingredients.This one was a breakfast wrap, but it used an egg as the outside.

This recipe comes from Vegetarian Times.

-eggs (1 per wrap)
-hash browns
-shredded cheese
-salt and pepper

Cook the hash browns and zucchini in a little bit of oil until they are brown.
Cook an egg in a small pan, make sure it is spread out
over the whole pan, it should be pretty thin.
Mine only took a few minutes to cook, I should have
started the hash browns much before the egg so they would
be done at the same time.
Add some cheese, and salt and pepper to the hash browns.
Add the filling to the egg, and wrap.

My mom and I both thought this was a good combination, it was everything on a breakfast plate rolled up in one. The zucchini was a little different than something I would normally have for breakfast, but it gave it some extra color and a different texture.


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