Slow Cooker Cheese Fondue

We were fortunate enough to spend the long weekend up at Becky's lake house and this fondue made a perfect light dinner. We served six people with this recipe with only a little bit left over. There was also minimal clean-up due to the crock pot liners we picked up -- seriously they are a lifesaver, I will never make another crock pot recipe without using them.

Special thanks to our friend Kayla for taking amazing pictures for us.

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This recipe is from BJ's Solutions.

-12 oz. each Swiss and Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded
-3 Tbsp. All Purpose Flour
-1 cup white wine
-Pinch Ground Nutmeg
-Assorted Artisan Breads, cubed
-Raw or blanched vegetables, cut small (we served celery, carrots and apples)

Toss the cheese with the flour, add to the crock pot.
Add all other ingredients.
Heat on HIGH for 45 minutes, then turn to LOW to keep warm.

Apples are one of our favorite things to dip in fondue.

But bread is always nice too.

This recipe was the right amount of cheese, the sharpness of the cheddar and Swiss went well together. The wine flavor was a subtle and I couldn't detect the nutmeg at all in the fondue. Like I said above, green apples are Becky and I's favorite thing to dip in the fondue, but bread is an equally popular choice. I would make this again for a party -- I would possibly even cut the recipe down and put it in a smaller crock pot.


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