Bailey's Marshmallows

I've seen this pinned on Pinterest several places, but there's really no recipe so I just went for it. Enjoy a bonfire and impress your friends with a new way to make s'mores. These are delicious alone, but they are incredibly delicious in a s'more.


Soak the marshmallows in a small amount of Bailey's. I did this is a small tupperware container, about six marshmallows in about an inch of Bailey's. The marshmallows will get soft and sticky, it was easiest to just stab them with the roasting stick than it was to attempt to pick them up.

Roast in the fire like you would any other marshmallow, these will caramelize on the outside. 

Build into a s'more.

These were so good! The marshmallow will bubble up and caramelize due to the alcohol in the Bailey's so on top of marshmallow goodness and Bailey's flavor there is also a slight hint of caramel. This is such a simple way to make fall bonfires an extra special time.

Every once in a while someone stops by and points out to me that marshmallows aren't "vegetarian". I would like to direct you to a really great discussion on the "gray areas" of vegetarianism/veganism over at The Tipping Point. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the occasional marshmallow or Guinness filled cupcake, because I am not vegan. Cheers! 


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