Grilled Doughnuts

I know that grilled doughnuts seems like something odd, but it really turned to be good. The glaze on the doughnuts caramelized a bit from the heat, and made these really sugary and good. These had perfect grill marks on them, so they looked great as a dessert to serve after you grill dinner.

This idea comes from Pit Boss Belt.

-glazed doughnuts
-cinnamon sugar
Put the grill on low-medium heat. These only needed about
2 minutes per side to get warm and melted.

Roll the warm doughnuts in a plate of cinnamon sugar.
Grilling really made glazed doughnuts taste much different and better than just eating a glazed doughnut from a box. These were also so easy because they were so fast to grill. We tried to really clean our grill before we made these, I would recommend doing that, especially since these the doughnuts are so soft.


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