Overstuffed Sub Sandwich

The weather has officially gotten cold here and most days all I want for dinner is a great sandwich and a cup of steaming hot soup. This sandwich was inspired by one that I had a Panini's a few months ago prior to a baseball game. The restaurant was right next to the stadium and in order to combat the craziness they had pared down the menu to only sandwiches. Mine had three kinds of cheese, slaw and fries. J and I turned this into a sub sandwich, with lettuce instead of slaw and just one kind of cheese. Nonetheless, perfect for pairing with soup.

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-Hoagie Rolls
-Shoestring cut French fries (we used frozen)
-1 tomato
-Provolone Cheese
-Desired condiment

Cook the french fries according to package direction. Stuff each sandwich with French fries, tomato slices, lettuce and desired additions. Top with provolone and bake until the cheese is melted. J. insisted on layering the cheese on the sandwich to help keep all of the filling inside.

I enjoyed this sandwich, it was easy to put together and didn't require too many ingredients. It would have been better with some sort of sauce, but I slathered mine with Miracle Whip and it was fine. I would throw this together again on a busy weeknight.


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