Stars & Stripes Oreo Bark

For veteran's day, I did a twist on a snack we've done for a few other holidays. We've done a similar idea for ChristmasValentines day, and Halloween.

This idea is from Pink Cake Plate.

-12 oz white chocolate
-1 cup peanuts
-1/4 cup blue and red m&m's, (I used pretzel m&m's)
-6 crushed Oreos
-red white and blue sprinkles

Melt the chocolate and spread it over wax paper on a cookie sheet.
Mix in the rest of the ingredients while the chocolate is still warm.
This is always good, but it is really sugary, so make sure you have people to share this snack with. Also, make sure you melt the chocolate in small intervals, some of mine got burnt and crumbled, and didn't hold together well.


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