Red Moscato Float

To finish off the Valentine's Day meal this cocktail/dessert combo adds a mix of both savory and sweet. I'm completing the meal one day early so that if you feel inspired and would like to try any or all of these recipes you will have time for planning, shopping and prep. I will plan one last Valentine's Day recipe tomorrow, but it will not be part of the meal sequence.

Inspired by The Taylor House.

-Red Moscato (I used Barefoot)
-Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt

Add half a cup of frozen yogurt to each glass and then top with red moscato.
Enjoy with a straw + spoon.
I enjoyed this dessert because Valentine's Day focuses on a lot of sweet desserts -- usually made with chocolates. But this dessert has both a sweet and savory element. Moscato is a sweet wine, but compared to the very sweet frozen yogurt, the moscato helps to tame down the vanilla bean sweetness, while the frozen yogurt helps to play up the wine's bitter notes


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