Watermelon Feta Salad

This recipe comes from the Novice Chef.

-2 pounds seedless Watermelon, sliced into rounds
-1 cup crumbled feta
-2 large shallots, sliced
-Salt and Pepper, to taste
-Balsamic Vinegar, for drizzling
Cut your piece of watermelon.
I cut a slab and then cut the pieces using a biscuit cutter.
Top with feta cheese and sliced shallots.

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Enjoy!

I know this isn't much of a recipe, but it's so good! The saltiness of the feta went perfectly with the sweetness of the watermelon, the shallots were a perfect addition they added a nice layer of flavor of savory with the saltiness and sweetness. This is a nice way to dress up a traditional summer favorite.


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