Chocolate Bowls

This was a really interesting way to do ice cream. It was fun to eat ice cream out of something edible rather than just a regular bowl and adding chocolate on top. I thought marbling the colors together was a good effect, it made it look more professional.

I got the instructions for this on chocoley.

-1/2 cup chocolate
-1/2 cup colored chocolate
-Ice cream
-Mint for garnish

Melt the 2 colors of chocolate.
Add one to the other and swirl.
Blow up some small balloons.
Spray well with cooking spray.
Dip the balloons in the chocolate.
We swirled a little extra colored chocolate on.
Put in the fridge for at least an hour.
Pop the balloon and peel it out of the chocolate shell.
It was a little hard to get the balloon off, it was stuck a little,
but if you go slow you can get it out.
Scoop in ice cream and garnish with mint.
I thought this was fun. Only one of ours broke out of six, so I thought that was pretty successful. It was good to have a fancy dessert, and ice cream and chocolate is something you know most people will like.


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