Grilled Spicy Pepper Poppers

This recipe for Grilling Wednesday is an easy appetizer you can make quickly and easily on your grill.

When we originally tried to make this recipe, we wanted to make a vegetarian version of armadillo eggs, which are bacon wrapped pepper stuffed with cheese, but unfortunately I couldn't find vegetarian bacon. So we just made the cheese stuffed peppers, which turned out to be pretty good on their own.

-short fat peppers (we used cubanos and jalapenos)
-white cheddar cheese

I tried to get peppers that were thick enough so they could be stuffed.
Cut and clean out the peppers.
We soaked them in water to help get some of the seeds out.
First grill the peppers for a minute or two, so they can cook the whole
way without the cheese getting too runny.

Cut the cheese into small chunks and put a few in each pepper.
Grill for a few more minutes.
Top with some paprika.
These weren't as spicy as I thought they were be, which was good for an appetizer. They were pretty simple to make, so this would be something good to snack on while you grill the rest of your dinner.


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