Garlic Thyme Pita Chips

I think pita chips are a perfect snack, because they are not too heavy but still taste good. These are great to make for a last minute party because it only took about 15 minutes to make, didn't have a lot of ingredients, and is something everyone will like. It also gave me a chance to use the thyme I'm growing.

I got the original recipe from Let's Feast,

-2 cloves crushed garlic
-6 Tbsp. olive oil
-5 pita bread pieces
-2 tsp. fresh thyme
Cut up the pita bread into slices.
Mix the olive oil and garlic, and spread on the pita.
Sprinkle with the thyme and salt.
Bake on cookie sheets for about 8 minutes at 350.
I served mine with just plain hummus because the
chips had flavor.

These were really easy. The original directions said to pull the pieces of pita in half, but I had trouble doing that, so I just baked them as whole slices, and they didn't seem too thick. They were a pretty good crispiness for me, but you could always bake them a little longer if you wanted them crunchier.


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