Padana Pizza

When we went to England last year, we ate at a restaurant called Pizza Express where we had this Leggara pizza. You can check out a picture of that on another blog post about all of the food we ate in England here. It was so good we decided to make our own version of it. It is a unique pizza because the middle is cut out and filled with a salad, so it is low calorie, and had different things than the traditional pizza ingredients.

-Pizza Crust
-Pizza Sauce
-Spinach, wilted
-Goat Cheese
-Red Onion
-White Onion, caramelized 

Make the pizza crust. We used the kind that comes in a package
and just add water.
Make sure you grease the bottom, we had a little trouble with
it getting stuck taking it off.
Top with pizza sauce.
And goat cheese.
We cooked our white onion and spinach a little bit before adding it.
Add some tomato and red onion.
It looked really good even before we cooked it.

We cooked ours for about 10 minutes at 350, which was what our crust needed to cook.

So the interesting part here is cutting the hole in the center of
the pizza, and adding the salad. We just added some spinach
with some balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Everyone really liked this pizza. It was really different from traditional pizza, so it was great to change things up and make this one. Since we used the crust mix it didn't take too long, but we still got to eat a pizza that was homemade and had really fresh ingredients.


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